Beauty treatments from top to toe

At Defern Beauty Rooms you can find every treatment you need

Indulge in an Indian head or full body massage, try the therapeutic menu of our aromatic aromatherapy oils too.

A full menu of skincare from Elemis facials to Dermalogica Micro needling is on offer to help with any of your skin concerns.

Maybe you need some deep exfoliation across the t-zone, or perhaps your skin is longing to enjoy the many benefits of hyaluronic hydration? Possibly, you may just be seeking a deeper attack on those pesky wrinkles?! We will prescribe a regimen to meet your needs in full.

To brighten those fingers and toes, there’s a wide range of nailcare delights to choose from, whether you are looking for a long wearing gel, or a buff and polish tidy up. Bio sculpture and Shellac are the brands you will fall in love with, pair each treatment with a professional Navy manicure and pedicure too for hands and feet that are practically perfect in every way.

Wax, Scrub, Buff, knead, Paint and Polish your way to your best you.

Hand & toe beauty treatments

Hands & toes

Treat yourself to impeccable nail care. Elevate your style with our precision treatments for hands and toes, enhancing natural beauty.