Soak off & Infill policy

Welcome to the Defern nail policy which details the information you need when booking a nail treatment which requires the soaking off or removal of current polish, gel, acrylic and or any other nail product.

When booking a soak off of nail product, it is important to note that only product applied by Defern can be removed.

The nail health needs to be assessed before application of a nail product, and we only store removal products for the products we use, and we only have the ability to safeguard your nail health by removing product which has been applied by our own methods.

If you have had nail product applied elsewhere, please ensure your nails are safety soaked off by your former nail technician or remove them yourself with the advice of your technician. You will then only need to book for a nail product application from our treatment menu.

If you have booked your treatment on the phone, we should ask you about your soak off requirements, however, please notify us before your appointment if you are in any way unsure.

Please be aware that if you arrive to your treatment appointment with product applied outside of Defern, we may need to cancel and reschedule your appointment.